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Melissa Luna

Melissa’s journey in real estate began with her own success in buying and selling real estate, witnessing firsthand the financial benefits it brought to her family. As a Navy spouse with nearly two decades of experience in relocations, house-hunting, transactions, and renovations, she knows the stressors involved in finding the perfect home and works tirelessly to ensure her clients find the right fit.

Beyond her role as an exceptional agent, Melissa brings a wealth of knowledge from over 10 years as a teacher in the public sector. Guiding and serving others is at the core of her being, and her calm optimism, warmth, and humility make her an invaluable asset in navigating San Diego’s competitive real estate landscape.

What truly sets Melissa apart is her genuine dedication to building relationships. Her favorite aspect of being a Realtor is the connections formed with clients—relationships that go beyond transactions. For her, building these relationships is an integral part of the Realtor-client dynamic. Understanding her clients on a personal level, deciphering what brings them happiness, and ensuring their comfort are fundamental components of every interaction.

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Gaby Preston

I’ve always wanted to be a philanthropist—the imagined Powerball winner, or the dedicated entrepreneur who hits on something big like MacKenzie Scott or Warren Buffett. You know—the people with oodles of money and generous hearts.

Thanks to the clients of Schoolhouse Realty, my donation dreams have been fulfilled, one home at a time. For almost 2 decades, we’ve given 10% of our commission from each sale, totaling more than $300,000 to education and other kids’ causes. Our clients always get to choose the beneficiary. It’s been such a meaningful way to celebrate the purchase or sale of a home in San Diego or a successful partnership with one of the agents in our nationwide referral network.

I’m a teacher at heart and in recent history, with degrees in English and TESL, and love the satisfaction of helping a homebuyer nab “the one” or seeing a seller achieve top price for a property sale. I love the math of real estate, investing, personal finance, markets and checking my results against broader market statistics to hold myself to a higher standard of service. The geography of success? We chase opportunities for clients and follow wherever their hopes and budgets lead. I’ve lived and owned real estate (including investment property) in Chula Vista, Mission Valley, Palm Springs, Rancho Bernardo, San Marcos, Solana Beach, and—since 2012—in Encinitas. I’m thrilled to work with fellow teacher Melissa Luna to cover the wide expanses of San Diego County efficiently, from the South Bay to North County, the coast to foothills. Since we’ve helped clients in nearly 30 zip codes, chances are we’re intimately familiar with the neighborhood you have your eye on. Let’s talk more about that. Find us here.

Shannon King

From the beginning days of our company, Shannon King brought decades of real estate experience and heart-forward client service to Schoolhouse Realty. As a Navy spouse, she has lived all over the world and started several brokerages along the way.  Now based in Hawaii, she owns Island Living Homes.  While she has moved on from our Schoolhouse, we credit Shannon’s keen intelligence, bright energy and tenacious dedication with helping us raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for schools and kids’ causes. She will always be a part of our family.

Melissa Luna Real Estate Agent Schoolhouse Realty


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